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Unfortunately it's really hard to give someone a real life issue to think about. Consider what you're interested to and see if there's anything you could find knowledge issues in - you can from pretty much anything really! Alternatively, check for example theoryofknowledge.net on Facebook. They have links to many articles with some knowledge issues already given :)

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The good thing about TOK presentations is that you have a wide variety of areas to choose from.

You can choose ANY life issue as long as you can somehow relate it to TOK.

I did 2:

First one about Child Abuse, and the second about AIDS in Africa. I got 18/20 in the first, 19/20 on the second.

A very interesting topic to me, I enjoyed doing it so much and I got a good mark. In other words, to ensure you do the presentation the way you're suppose to, do it on something that interests you, that you can talk about without having to memorize any notes.

Think up of any issue you can relate to any WoK or AoK and come back and ask for opinion, we will be glad to help you. :)

But we can't just give you ideas, you know? :sadnod:

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