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How do we get all of the credits necessary for IB Theatre.

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Well, alright, I spoke to my friend who's doing HL theater but I think it's among the same lines.

First, she has no idea what she's doing for her research paper but she said it was free ranged. So pick a topic and have at it?

She said for her independent project she decided to journal about the different theorists and playwrights they looked at in class and analyze how their techniques have affected her own acting.

I also found this website


Hope that helps.

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You are sooo nice for trying to help me, thanks!!

but like does your friend know like what criteria they want? Like..do they want the essay written if you were an actress trying to fill a specific roll, or just researching a type of theatre and a specific play in that category?

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Hey Ariana

The IBO are very specifically looking at students knowledge in theory, and how that theory translates to practise. All the marks come from your ability to show how you are doing that. Essentially every peice of acting, character, lighting, set design, writing or anything else you do, absolutly everything needs to be backed up by the theory.

For example, maybe you'll create a set with some beams and a chair or something like that, but when you write up in your IPP what you did, you must say that it was because you were using elements of Epic theatre. Every now and then just chuck in a few words like 'minimalistic' and 'representational' to show that you are thinking along the correct lines.

The theatre students who have scored the best are the ones who can learn the theory and best put it into practise. A performance can be amazing, but it means nothing if they don't think you have the theory to back it up.

I hope that helps when you get to the writing stage :)

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