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ebooks as sources?

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I was just wondering if it is okay to only use Ebooks as my historical investigation sources. I live in a country where people don't speak English so to buy a book i'll have to order online and wait two weeks. I don't want to wait so i was thinking of buying my sources through amazon. don't know if this is allowed...

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I think that it is okay. most of amazon's are not only e-books, but they are also a real published books.


As said above, there is no problems with using e-books. Many citation systems such as MLA even have their own citation format for e-books. 99% of the books that amazon sells are real published books, not sources that someone made up in their basement lol. If your in doubt, then you can but the book into Google Books, and look at the publishing information on the first few pages, or look for the book on other book sellers such as bn.com, or borders.com.

Even though IB SLIGHTLY discourages the use of online sources, as long as the book is also published in print, there should be no problem.

P.S. Be careful with e-books. You may need an e-book reader to actually read the files/books. Consult the seller of the e-book by email, or check on their website to make sure. You don't want to buy a $10 book you can't even read!

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