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IB Syllabus

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Yo guys

I have bben having some thoughts on the IB Programe . Is si as similar as the IGCSE in terms of syllabus ? In the IGCSE , whatever is on the syllabus comes on the finals . Does the ib programme follow the same procedure or what ? I have these doubts cause i had a business test the other day and we were doing it on the nature of busness activity and types of organizations . I studied whatever was on the syllabus and out of nowhere a question on specialization pops out . THat wasn't on the syllabus . If yes , does it apply for all subjects ???

thanks guys !!!!!!!!

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IB program is more specific in terms of Syllabus than IGCSE. I have done both, so I can safely say that.

The IB syllabus even has 1,2,3 objective to tell you the improtance of each point. In fact, objective 1 points are the MCQ part.

Mostly, only syllabus points come in the exam, except for Biology where you have SECTION A: Data Analysis. Besides that, ALL from the syllabus.

So if you're main worry is the syllabus, then the IB syllabus is like...your best friend throughout IB,haha.

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