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University choice help!

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I'm going to send out my applications for UK unis soon but I can't really make up my mind about universities..

My top three choices are:

Bath, Durham and Warwick

My forth choice probably Sussex..

But I can't make up my mind about the fifth.

I like Cardiff, Glasgow and Royal Holloway..

I want to study Psychology.

Does anyone know anything about the unis and could give me any advice on which one to chose?

Because well I'm lost ;)


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if you look at the ranking tables for psychology, you will notice that the top one is UCL http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/table/2010/jun/04/university-guide-psychology so I recommend trying that if you can :( I know I cant hehe my points are too low. I'd never go to durham only because its soo far away :( otherwise its good and well bath warwick are great, sussex is good (im applying there as well). So as you already said I'd most probably go for royal holloway :( its in london and its part of university of london, and well thats my own preference you might have it different. Anyways have a look at the ranking table for psych. and decide for yourself!

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