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English A1 WL

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Hi guys,

At the moment Im planning my WL2. I actually have no clue about how to write it. Ive got some ideas, which I think make sense. But I do not know how to structure the Main Body. The question is: To what extent are Antigone and Meursault portrayed by the two authors as dangerous to their society?

I was thinking of structuring it like this:


- short explnation of situation

- explaining why its relevant

Main Body:

- explaining differences in society/culture/setting

- explaing similiarities between Antigone and Meursault

- explaining differences

- explaining similiarities in ideas

-explaining differences



I know it sounds like im explaining a lot. But with explain I basically mean comparing. I know do not know what to look out for in the different paragraphs. Do you have ideas and suggestions?

Cheers in advance,


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So I assume that you are doing a compare and contrast essay then? If so, state a thesis, then choose one aspect of one text, start comparing in to the other one, then contrast it, or you can spend the whole first half of the essay for comparison, and the last half for contrasting them. Hope it helps :P

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Yes its going to be the WL focusing on two novels/plays. But Im still not sure what to look out for when im writing it. Something like themes etc...is it relevent where do i put it?

How do I write it? I was planning on strcuturing the paragraph like this:

- state difference/similiarity

- explain book 1

- compare to book 2

The explanation of why the two characters are relevent would be desribed in the introduction.

Anyway else got any ideas? Ive got tonnes of time to finish this but I want to get it out of the way this week!

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I do not know anything about your topic, but I could give you some general ideas on how to write a World Lit Paper 2. This is what I usually would do. You might want to follow this or just get the idea and write with your own style.

1 paragraph introduction

State your thesis related to the question, whether you agree or disagree with it. Mention the books you are going to talk about as well as the authors. Book titles should be italic. Explain A LITTLE more about your thesis, which you would evaluate more in the next paragraphs.

1 paragraph touch on the story

Just give a short summary of the books; mention only the parts that are related to your thesis. Evaluate a bit by relating some parts of the books to the thesis.

A number of paragraphs, main body

In here, there might be 2 ways of developing your ideas. The first way: talk about all aspects in the first book first, and then talk about all aspects in the second book. The second way: talk about how the first aspect is developed in both books, then talk about how the second aspect is developed in both books, next talk about how the third aspect is developed in both books, and so on and so forth.

I hope you get what I mean. The important key is that your essay must be well structured, and there must be a flow in the overall essay.

1 paragraph conclusion

Restate your thesis in different words. In this part, you should bring up all the issues you mentioned in the introduction. You MUST NOT say anything that you did not mention before in the previous paragraphs.

More tips:

Have your syllabus with you when you are writing the essay. Go to the criteria for WL Paper 2, and look at what they want. Do what they want you to do, and pay attention to the 5 marks criteria (what you need to do to get a 5 in that criterion).

Turn on your spelling checker and grammar checker in Ms Word; it would help you much.

After writing your first draft, take a quite long break until you have forgotten what you wrote on the paper (not literally, ok). Then sit yourself as if you are an examiner, read through your essay and mark your own paper according to the criteria in the syllabus. Then, after you mark it, you would know where your mistakes are; improve those parts and write a second draft :P

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