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Want to study abroad in Spain, how should I go about this?

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I want to study abroad in Spain during my high school years but I don't know how to since I'm in IB. I know a girl that graduated a year late because she had spent an entire year abroad, but I'm not sure if I would want to watch all my friends graduate without me while I stay stuck with the lower classmen. ;)

Any suggestions, personal experiences, etc?

oh btw don't you think there should be an IB exchange student program? or is there one already?

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You could attend an IB school in Spain, but I'm not entirely sure how it would work. My knowledge arises from my own exploration of the opportunity to study abroad. Would you feel comfortable taking all classes in Spanish, or even more than your required Group 2 subject? If you wanted to live all year with minimal fees, I would suggest having a host family, and then finding one that is near an IB school. Maybe you could find an IB student in Spain that is willing to host you, though I suggest you go through a certified program.

I do not know of any IB student exchange programs, which is slightly disheartening. I would also love to go to a foreign country to complete my IB Diploma. There is the United World Colleges, although one is not located in Spain. That's the closest I can come to finding schools that offer IB and accept a myriad of international students. Buena suerte!

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