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Revision Time for A1 Language

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Hey! i've got my A1 exam on november 3rd and 4th, that is less than two weeks! when did you start to thoroughly revise the course content? is it really necessary to spend 1 hour from now till november 3rd? Btw i got a predicted grade of 5. thanks!

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...well the object of revision is knowledge, not hours.

You can revise for 15 hours and know nothing or revise for an hour and know everything.

The simple answer is: however long you think it'll take you to acquire any knowledge you don't have.

I have no idea whether it is or isn't really necessary to do 1 hour because I have no idea how much you know at present or how long it'll take you to learn it! You yourself have to evaluate that knowledge gap and use your familiarity with the way you learn to guess at how long said revision will require. You need to know the books you've studied thoroughly along with at least 5 quotes (GOOD quotes) from each book.

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