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Can I get into McGill with these grades?

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Grade 9:(semester 1)

English: A

Algebra 1: A

Physical Science: A

World History: A

Choir: A

Art: A

French: B

Grade 9:(semester 2-I moved to a new country)

English: B-

Algebra 1: B

Earth Science: B

World History: B+


French: B+

Speech: B+

Grade 10:

AP History: B

Honors Bio: B-

Algebra 2: C+ :rolleyes:

Geometry: B+


English: A

Arabic: B+

Grade 10 (semester 2):

AP History: A

Honors Bio: C+ :)(

Algebra 2: B

Geometry: B+


English: A

Arabic: A-

I am currently in Grade 11. I know my 10th grade marks are not that good. I am currently taking IB, and i'm doing really well (mostly A's). If i get pretty much straight A's for the next 2 years, do you think that McGill would accept me(not heavily consider grade 10 marks)?

Thanks guys!

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I agree with Aboo there. Unis (at least Canadian ones!) don't care much about your grade 9 and 10 marks, but more about grade 11 and 12 marks (and your IB score). Correct me if I'm wrong, but universities in Canada don't even have access to your grade 9 and 10 marks.

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Universities look at other things beside Letter grades, it depends on the rigidity of your classes, standardized test scores, involvement in school activity and sports, letters of recommendation, community service hours, good college acceptance essay's.

So really I can't tell you if you will get into that college just by looking at your letter grades, You need to ask yourself if you have all the things listed above because colleges take in a lot more than just grades.

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