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Body Language

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I have presention TOK on tuesday (26/10) I need find a knoledge issue for topic "Body Language", but I dont even have ideas about. But I thought like "How the body language more efective then the spoken language" but my teacher said is not a really knoledge issue and I need a find real example of this TOPIC!

Heeeeeeelppppp Me!!!!!



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I don't think I'm allowed to give a direct answer, but I can try to lead you to one that I thought for this.

Body language is perceived though sense perception, correct?

Also, in some lights, can body language be viewed as language?(Think sign language,as in more than just telling people you're angry with your facial expressions lol)

Lastly, what problems can there be with these WOK's?

Also, you can try to fit emotion in there too. (Referring back to "telling" people you're angry with body language.

After you can answer these questions, but them into a formal KI.

Good luck, I hope I was of some help lol.

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