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So I have about a week to finish the first draft of my history IA, only problem what to write about I need a narrow focus. I will let you know what I have thought about so far, I would like to talk about Winston Churchill in the Second World War. Either his importance to the Allied success in the Battle of Britain, or evaluate his opinion that the Battle of the Atlantic was the most important event. Please help me!!!

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I did pretty well in my history IA (24/25) and here are some tips I've gathered....

OK first of all, make sure your topic is narrow and unique. Make sure that it's a topic you can cover in depth within the narrow, narrow word limit. I had real problems with keeping to the word limit. I had to refocuse my question a few days before final due date to keep it within the limit.

Winston Churchill's role in the second world war has probably been done by many people over the world.

Try to find a topic that no one has heard much about. I see that you are from Canada :), why not find a topic in your local history? IAs done in those topics generally score higher. And when you are doing your research, it's also a lot easier to find resources in local museums, libraries, archives etc etc.

Oooo and also I recommend conducting an interview :D I interviewed a university professor regarding my topic. Usually university professors are always happy to help you, so don't be afraid to ask. (Find a professor who has done sufficient research into your chosen topic)

Or if you are set on researching/writing about Churchill, find a specific battle. (Like you said, Battle of Britain or Battle of Atlantic). And make the question focused. To what extent was Churchill responsible for the victory of _________ (I also find that "to what extent" questions are most effective as if gives you the opportunity to argue otherwise). Talking about arguments, make sure your IA has one.


Good luck!

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I would also highly recommend choosiong something that will help in your end of year tests. For example, if you chose to do Peacekeeping and Treaties, write an IA that will help you on the final test. I wrote mine about Treaty of Versialles and it's effects on French government, and learned a lot that I will be able to use for my test.

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