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The begining of October, my art teacher assigned a practice IB project to help us decide what is and isnt working with our theme and what we need to change and adjust. Problem is, i JUST found something that interestes me as a theme about a week ago. Our project is due this Wednesday. I love old cameras and i have a huge collection (mostly of old Polaroids). As my theme, i wanted to do the "evolution of photography and cameras" and to make it more general i was going to do something with the 20th century. My art teacher thought 20th century was too broad so i said i would just try the evolution of photography and cameras. Okay, well im stumped with what to do as my studio work. I wanted to do a play off of Darwins "Evolution of Man" with cameras and how they progessed over time. http://www.starlarvae.org/SL_graphics/evolutionchart.jpg (picture for reference) but im not sure how to go about this and make it look nice and interesting. And im confused with what to do about my IWB and what to research. My teacher has given us power points and guides to the IWB but hasnt given us very much specific help on an individual basis (not that i really expect it). When i go to ask her a question i have, its like i dont know how to word it like it is in my head so i cant get my questions answered.

does anyone have any ideas on any of this?

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