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IB Astronomy?

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Hello fellow IB students!

Excitement and anxiety are the air as Seniors (or equivalent) such as myself struggle with college applications. While filling out the online University of California Application I was intrigued to see that the IB test report section contains an Experiemental Sciences SL class called SL ASTRONOMY. As I want to major in Astrophysics in college, this put me on an investigation.

I find no trace of the class on the internet, and little if nothing on IB Survival's forums.

Can anyone help enlighten me?

Assuming it exists I would like to know how someone could test out of this class, and where it is offered.

If it does not exist, perhaps this could be an area of expansion?

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Yeah I actually did the SL Astrophysics option.

I am jealous of whoever gets to do that...I really love that stuff. Ever since I joined Science Olympiad in fourth grade...thats my event.

I should inquire further.

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Hmmm I do astronomy in SO too....my friend knows all the stars and stuff and can label everything and he leaves me with all the math =/

haha, I do it all-and love it. This year I'm gunning for a first at state...

any case, I really want to test out in IB astro lol

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I wish they had IB Astronomy / Astrophysics!

I'm not interested in any of the sciences, but since we have to take a science, I'm doing chemistry :)

If my school offered IB Astronomy, I would take it in a heartbeat XD

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Haha, it would be cool if there was..but nope I just checked and there isn't.

It would have been under Group 3 or 4.

But Group 3 has 8 subjects:

  • business and management
  • economics
  • geography
  • history
  • information technology in a global society
  • philosophy
  • psychology
  • social and cultural anthropology.

And..group 4 has 5 subjects only:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • design technology
  • physics
  • Environmental systems and societies

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Actually, from my research, there is such a class. It's not standardized, but there are a significant number of schools who offer the class as a school based syllabus that is approved by IB. Then IB makes the test using the syllabus, and admisnisters it. The score is just as valid as anything else. The unfortunate thing is that it takea a few years for a syllabus to get approved.

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