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Need help with an English WL1 topic

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I need a World Lit 1 topic between two of these three: House of the Spirits, by Allende; Chronicle of a Death Foretold, by Garcia Marquez; and The House of Bernarda Alba, by Lorca. Does anyone have ideas at all? I'm stumped

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We can't just give you a topic-that is your job.

WL1 is a comparative work. I would suggest that you take certain aspects from the respective pieces and analyze them.

For example, a comparison of themes or style-symbolism, motif, diction, phraseology, connotation, irony, satire, characterization-find ways to compare an aspect from two of the pieces. It may take a read over or two, or perhaps some research, but a topic will come to you if you just sit back and look at the pieces in juxtaposition.

There has to be a point of similarity or contrast in those three pieces.

:( goodluck!

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