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World Lit. Thesis! (Comparative Essay)

I'll make this simple for the tl;dr people. (I editted it because nobody was replying.)

I am doing a comparative essay on Siddhartha and Oedipus the King. I am looking to focus on the 'self-realization' aspect of each text. I need a thesis for this topic.

Both Siddhartha and Oedipus are on a journey to find their true identity or Self.

Both Siddhartha and Oedipus reach self-realization at the climax of the text.

Siddhartha's life is improved after learning the truth.

Oedipus' life is torn apart by learning the truth. (Though it WAS his own choice to react the way he did, which was gouging his eyes out.)

Then again, I suppose it was Siddhartha's choice as well to react the way he did to his experiences.

Okay. Help me out?

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