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The significance of the book title

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My A1 teacher wants my class to do the IOP in the next semester (early 2011, probably January or early February) and she wants us to start thinking about it so we can prepare the IOP during the holiday.

I have read 3 works which none of you might have read before: Raumanen (novel) by Marianne Katoppo, Afrika yang Resah (narrative poem) by Okot p'Bitek and Nyai Dasima (drama) by S.M. Ardan. I understand the three works but I do not understand the IOP. I do not really know what to present in an IOP and my teacher has no IOP sample since IOPs are not recorded.

I read through the IOP tips posted in the forum and some topic samples to try to understand what is actually expected in the IOP. I have read the syllabus or vade vecum thingy btw so don't ask me to refer to it again :D

I'd like to choose Afrika yang Resah which means the Fidgety Africa in English. The original work is available in English called Song of Lawino.

The work basically tells us about a lady from Acholi named Lawino whose husband has adapted to the modern culture and forgotten the traditional culture -- his name is Ocol -- and even hates Lawino because she does not quite understand the modern culture and even not familiar with time, etc. The work compares the Acholi culture and modern culture a lot in each chapter.

I'd like to talk about the significance of the title. Why had Okot p'Bitek entitled it the Fidgety Africa? IMO Lawino was not really fidgety since she was very proud of the Acholi culture and wanted Ocol to respect her and Acholi.

is that a good topic? is it possible for me to say that the title is not that significant and Lawino did not show much fidget? I am afraid that people would say that the title of a work must have a significance otherwise the author would have picked another title.

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