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Audio Engineering Universities/Colleges/Institutions

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I really want to go to an Audio Engineering University, and the list I've got so far is:

SAE Institute - NY

Full Sail University - Miami

MI EDU - Hollywood (although I heard it's not that great)

and looking at places in LA and San Diego

Any good places anyone know about?

Greatly appreciated :D

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One of my friends wanted to go to Full Sail for film, and he said it was a great school for that type of major. -_-

The only bad aspect about the school was that it's VERY expensive ranging from ($36,775 to $75,775)

Also, I think that Full Sail is one of those "for profit" universities, so it's not really a "normal academic" school in that sense.

For the price of $76,000 you can afford a better school than Full Sail.

You can always check out the link below for universities that have your major. You may have to go into a more broad category of a major, but that probably won't present any problems lol.

Look into the academic reputation of the major in that school and the student opinion of the school and major. You don't want to live somewhere for 4 years that you hate.

Good luck. :P


Found a possible school? I know that the University is excellent overall, but I'm not sure for that major.


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