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Subjects for architecture?

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post here, any help will be appreciated :)

Basically, I am going to start IB next year. I'm best at maths and would like to study architecture in the future.

So far I have decided to do:

Group 1 - English

Group 2 - Spanish ab initio (or maybe Chinese..)

Group 4 - Physics

Group 5 - Math

Group 6 - Visual Arts - Design

...but for Group 3 - My school offers Business & Management, Economics, Psychology, Geography, ITGS and History.

But as somebody wanting to study architecture, I don't know what will be the most useful for me.

If the types of subjects from Group 3 don't really matter, which subject is it easiest to get good marks in?

I have heard Business & Management was the easiest my a lot of seniors in my school but could anyone else on here please help me?

Please give me some advice on what you guys think!!


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My first post tooooo! :)

And just like you, my passion is Architecture.

I started IB this year and the subjects I chose were:

HL Art and Design

HL Design Technology

HL Economics

SL English

Maths Studies

Spanish Ab inicio

I realized 2 months into the course that I should have probably chosen to do Geography in GCSE. This is because I found HL Economics quite tough and unrelevant for my future career - I mean yes it does somehow help Architecture but I reckon taking Geography would have greatly benefitted me better. Oh and yeah Business is basically the easy version of Economics.. FML should have never taken Econ.

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Hey! II will major in arhcitecture, and as a past IB student I took:

English A2 HL

Spanish A1 HL

History SL




I agree with you that Business and Management SL is the easiest group 3 subject, and I think you must take it because it introduces students to the world of business management which is a task that is inevitable for all architects as they will have a business.

But, you also have to consider Geography SL, which I myslef find it very interesting, and it is realted to architecture, especially to environmental architecture which is becoming a popular field of study within architecture and is creating many jobs worldwide.

ITGS at SL is also an option as architecture is inevitably related to technology, and it is more now, in a globalized world, where technology plays a big role in our lives. The dark side of ITGS is that, although its easy, there isn´t many resources such as textbooks or study guides available.

GOOD LUCK!! E mail me if you´ve got further queries!!

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All of the group 3 subject have such a little importance on study of architecture. You should just take the one that you like the most. Trust me. And from my experience, some universities don't even require that you have studied physics, but don't risk and do take physics as most do, as well as it's going to be easier for you.

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About easy or hard, it is quite subjective. I'd say that Econs is relatively easy but some of my classmates are still failing Econs because they are very lazy and never put in any effort to do well. I think it depends on your strengths and weaknesses, still. And also your interests.

Which of those subjects did you ever take before?

I think Architecture might be a bit related to Geography and a very little bit to History, but I'm not so sure on that. Perhaps it's more to Geo so you should take Geo.

I don't think B&M is easy because most people in the B&M class in my school kind of almost fail. It might be my classmates who are veeery lazy or the subject is just not easy.

Econs is easy for me since you just need to understand the concept and memorise definitions & diagrams. The rest is just evaluation & analysis. The IA is also simple. You just need to find articles and write commentaries. I think the IA for B&M is you need to have a connection to 2 businesses and do something about it. Finding 2 businesses might be hard, you know.

All the subjects in IB are hard except the subjects that you do best at and your favourite ones -_-

Oh, forgot. Have you decided on the levels? HL or SL?

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I'm in IB2 now and am applying to architecture in the US and UK. I had exactly the same worries before IB as you do - which subjects to choose. I've changed some of my original decisions and dropped one HL and now my subjects are: Math, Chem and English A2 in HL and Bio, History and Estonian A1 in SL. The only subject that seems relevant to architecture of my choices is obviously math. Maybe chem also to some extent but not much. I kind of took it as a replacement for physics since we didn't have that in IB last year. Also, the subject list in our school is very limited so I didn't really have so much to choose from - e.g. we only have history in group 3.

As much as I've learned, the UK unis don't really care much about your choices. One thing that worries me, however, is that our school doesn't have visual arts in IB. I find it quite an essential subject for pursuing a career in architecture, since it has a lot to do with art and design. Some UK unis, like UCL for example, require visual arts HL from IB students, which I don't have, and which sucks! I have taken arts courses elsewhere, outside school, but the unis don't often care about that.

So in conclusion, I'd say definitely take visual arts HL, math HL (its really not that bad if you have at least some capacity in math) and preferably also physics HL (although I've never seen it as a criterion, I still think its highly relevant). As far as SL subjects are concerned, I'd say choose whatever you feel confident about. Just I would say think twice about business and management, since I've heard many unis don't regard it well as it is considered quite an easy subject.

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