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English A1 SL: what is it about?

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You've read a number of books, 3 at SL I believe. You choose one or two of those books and prepare a 10-15 minute speech about something in the book(s). It could be about imagery, narrative technique, a comparison of two characters, the importance of music, the use of metaphors about water, the significance of celestial bodies (that's what I did), etc etc. It depends on your book really, but usually almost anything goes. Just make sure that it is narrow enough.

There are several ways of doing the presentation. Either you just stand there and hold a regular speech (like an essay) or you do a creative one. the creative one could be that you pretend to be a character at a particular point in the novel and talk about how you feel. You could also hold a class discussion, but we were advised not to do that, so I don't know much about it.


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