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Ethics Presentation Topic

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We have to do a presentation on ETHICS and I'm sorta undecided on the topic. Ideally, I'd do cannabis, to legalize or not, but someone else already did it. So I've though of a few others:

  • Music downloading
  • Gay marriage - California as an example
  • Censorship - on the internet as an example
  • Internet privacy
  • Former Nazi officers - is it morally right to prosecute them today?

What do you guys think I should do?

Thanks in advance ;)

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Sorry if not replying straightaway breaks your heart.. We all voluntarily give advices anyway so please be patient when asking ;)

Somebody in this forum is writing his EE on gay marriage, I believe. There is a discussion on it in the Debate & Discussion forum so perhaps you could find some ideas from there if you want to do a TOK presentation on that.

Music downloading has been a quite big issue with the piracy, plagiarism, free file hosting and all that..but how can you relate it to Ethics? :)

Censorship :S what about it? Not really interesting IMO.. Unless you can think of a good KI out of it :)

Internet privacy, like about phishing? Not interesting also IMO :) the topic internet itself could be interesting, like online games, social networking sites, and you can relate this to that music downloading topic. Or about digitalising library? But it's not related to Ethics so never mind hehe

Former Nazi officers prosecution sounds interesting!! It's too narrow, though, probably. What about terrorism? Like whether they actually deserve to be respected just like other human beings? Do they have to be all killed? Or should we forgive them as long as they promise not to repeat it again in the future?

I like the last one the most but I am still in IB1, got not a lot of experience in TOK so some of my opinions might sound silly.. I apologise for that :)

Can you bring about 2 AOKs: Ethics & Natural Sciences? Or does the presentation have to be on Ethics only?

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I have the most experience on gay marriage as it's my EE topic.

I feel like you'd have to bring up religion when you talk about gay marriage though.

If you do end up choosing that PM me. ill be glad to help

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No hearts broken, just first post and forgot that it's only natural that people don't immediately reply.

I don't know if it's too narrow cause one group did their presentation entirely on the case of a deaf lesbian couple wanting a deaf child and got 20/20.

And your opinions sound better than mine, I'm just crap at TOK. :yes:


What subject are you doing your EE in?

I think I'm doing the presentation on plastic surgery instead. But I still don't know. For a while I contemplated performance enhancing drugs with Adderall as an example.

I think the only thing I know is that I have no idea what to choose.

But you've been very helpful.

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