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I am confused..please help

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Hello little friends !!!

I dont know what to do with my IA. Prescribed subject in my school is peacekeeping and peacemaking in the years after WW1, however we have already done WW1, relations after WW1, then WW2 and relations after WW2, now we are coming into the Cold War. The thing is I'd like to do my IA in the topic that was already discussed for example about great depression, or some aspect of the war or dictators but I overheard that it is not recommended. What do you think ? Please help me beacuse me teacher doesnt support me whatsoever.

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What do you mean your teacher doesn't support you?

The strategies I've heard for the IA is to choose a topic so that it could possibly help you when you take the exam. So if you pick a topic that your teacher hasn't covered, but it could possibly show up on the exam under peacekeeping and peacemaking, then that could possibly help you during the exam. You can take the same argument to support doing a topic that you've already generally covered, though, if that's what you want to do.

If you pick a topic and your teacher doesn't like it, I strongly advise you to talk to the teacher and reach a point where he/she is okay with it or helps you pick a new topic. You don't want your teacher to 1) not help you as much while you're researching and writing and 2) possibly give you a lower score when he/she marks it, even though there is some moderation by IB.

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