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Self taught Chinese A1 tips

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Hi I am going to start self study Chinese A1 for substitution for my Group 2 requirements in about a month. I was hoping if anybody have any experiances regarding this and how to do well ion it; most of the topics on the forum seems to be about how not self study a language. Anyway I hope someone can give me some helpful tips on how to do well in self study an A1 language

By the way if anybody have a copy of the Language A1 Prescribed World Literature List (PWL) or the Chinese A1 Prescribed Book List I (PBL) would be thankful as well.

p.s. the Vietnamese A1 PBL would be apprerciated as well for a friend. Thanks.

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Hold on a sec, you're doing English A1 and Chinese A1? I know this is a stupid question because the answer is obvious. The fact that I felt the need to ask that question shocks me. Why do you want to want to do 2 A1 languages. Pulling off Chinese self taught is quite tough. 2 people in my class are doing Chinese A1 self-taught and they are having a hard time. They'd be lucky to get a 5 in their exam. In the past 10 years of our school having a guided self-taught programme no Chinese person has gotten above 5 all 4 or 5s. Chinese is perfectly doable but is a hard A1 language. But for you to balance English A1 and Chinese A1 wow.

Anyway enough said.

In order to succeed in Chinese A1 you need to choose the right books. Choose the most taught and studied books, if they're obscure you will find it very hard. The reason why I say this is because you can access analysis of these works thanks to sparknotes or Chinese books if they are very popular. Then the rest if just like any other A1 language.

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