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Chemistry: Caffeine extraction

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this website, and I chose my EE on chemistry.

I want to investigate on caffine extraction in different types of coffee beans

Just now, i kind of scanned through posts about chemistry EE, and I found out people have similar topics.

is this counted as plagiarism?

And is it okay to have this topic?

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You can have similar topics, it'd be VERY difficult to find a topic that hasn't been done already honestly. Have you check out the EE guide that IBO has published? The subject outline or whatever they are called.

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Yeah firstly I would recommend reading the EE guide, the Chemistry part (page 57-61). If you don't have one, ask your teacher for a copy.

On page 58, they actually give 3 title and RQ examples, and the second one is about caffeine content of a cup of tea. So I suggest you not to do your EE on caffeine unless it's totally different with the example in the EE guide.

If your title is different with those that you have read in IBS, you might not be considered as plagiarising. If your title is the same/similar with those, you might want to find a unique/unusual way to answer your RQ so that what they have done in their EEs is not what you are going to do.

Good luck :P

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