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Visual Arts Exam: Interview and Presentation

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With the exam dates for the Visual Arts students fast approaching (my school's set in March), I was wondering if anyone had any advice from their own teachers or from their experience in presenting their art to the IB examiner? I do not present till next year, but I was wondering how does a student present their art?

Is it very simple, with the art just put on a wall or displayed? Or can it be somewhat like a real gallery, with music playing and such? I enjoy the idea of going full out, with instrumental music, a big title, very similar to the galleries I have attended, but I'm not sure if that would be considered distracting and cost me points.

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You must know that like in april or so, you will have to take pictures of each studio work you present and attach them to a kind of workbook to send to the IB for assessment.

For the other part, which is from your interest, at least in my school we did an exhibition with a determined space for each students studio work, in my school they did not include background music but I heard that in many other schools they did. In that determined space I put paintings and 2D stuff in the wall, whereas small sculptures were placed on a decorated table. Bigger sculptures were just displayed on the floor.

Don´t freak out about the interview because there´s nothing you have to actually freak out of. An examiner comes and asks you about our theme and how you attempted to develop it. At this point you will have to show some works (not all in my case) and explain its relationship to your selected theme. Take the interview easy, anyway the marks set by the incoming examiner can be moderated by other examiner who never saw your work in reality.

Good Luck!!

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