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Culture Ideas from everyone?(!)

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Hi guys!

We all know World Lit assignments are a pain :P So I was wondering if I could get some ideas from people around the world with my topic?

It's Assignment 1, so this is the comparative study.

My topic is: The criticism of culture in "A Hero of Our Time" and "The Outsider"

I was hoping that people from around the world could contribute their ideas on criticism of culture since we're all from different countries and could have different points to make on how culture could be criticized.

All ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks!! :D

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Are you asking how culture can be criticized through writing a book rather than in everyday life?

How about I write a book and make the main character a jerk. But you, the reader, want him to have some redeeming quality. You read this book despising the man but want to believe there's some good in him. You want to sympathize with him. You read about his life, his actions, his thoughts, and you can't find a reason to redeem him. Still, you don't want to blame him completely because you've invested in him by reading his story. So you turn to society. Does that sound like anything you've read and are writing your WL on? I haven't read A Hero of Our Time, but that description was me reading The Outsider.

I realize that you could generally take an idea from something or someone and argue that it fits in with your works, but it's just less sketchy for the idea to come you sitting down and thinking about your works and comparing how the authors seem to comment on the societies/cultures in their respective works through the narrator, other characters, irony, etc. So ask yourself how the authors have persuaded you that something is lacking in the culture. What needs to be criticized in the cultures? And how do you, as the reader, know this? What literary elements in the novels tipped you off as you became engaged with the story? Hopefully this'll give you a list for each book and you can group some of the points to create a structure for your essay.

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Just remember not to go too off on a tangent with culture and make sure everything you say is related to the texts and how the authors are conveying the message. My friend recently did her WL1 on The Outsider and Chronicles of a Death Foretold looking at the culture, but had to basically completely scrap her first draft because culture was more of a focus than the actual novels. So maybe look at how each author treats culture in the novels and try to stick with what's in the novels.

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