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Chem vs. Theatre Arts!

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Alright team, I need your advice.

Right now, I am enrolled in Math SL, Bio SL, English HL, History HL, French B HL, and Chem HL, although I am planning on testing in SL...

My issue is, that I am not amazing at Chem, and I am a bit worried about how I am going to be able to do on the final... I'm sitting at around an 85% right now as far as marks go, but I am entirely mathematically inept, so that's where I bring my marks down. My only other option to replace Chem with, is Theatre Arts SL. Now, I am incredibly passionate about drama and theatre, and I do fairly well in English and the humanities... The thing is, it is only our second year with the course, and the teacher is only in her second year of teaching... Last year, the highest score was a 3... She is entirely immature, irresponsible, and incapable, and we don't get along. So basically, I'm wondering your guys' opinion, on whether I should endure Chemistry, and just study myself half to death, or brave Theatre Arts where I will have little to no guidance, but at least some background knowledge of the subject...?

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Haha, by inept, I do not mean inclined, but rather, hopelessly awful!

yes I realized what you meant hence why the post is delete :D haha

though it's still gopod advice, chem has loads of math in it. Paper 1 is basically math skills and some basic knowledge :D but there's always quantitative **** at the beginning. so take that into consideration

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