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The Guju

EE in a Foreign Language for the Bilingual Diploma...

So, I'm considering doing my EE in a foreign language to get the bilingual diploma (since my school offers group 2 subjects only at B level). But, even after reading other threads and what I could find on the IBO website, I'm still a little confused as to what type of EE will allow you to receive the bilingual diploma.

On the IBO website, it says that "an extended essay in a group 3 or group 4 subject written in a language other than the candidate's language A1" allows you to receive the bilingual diploma. I figured that because the statement doesn't say anything about a language B, I'd be able to write the EE in Gujarati (which I speak at home) or Italian (which I'm fairly competent in and would be taking as a language A2 if my IB coordinator would have allowed self-studying). However, according to some people on the forum, the whole doing-it-in-a-language-B thing is implied (in which case, I'd be doing the EE in Spanish). Any clarification on this?

Also, in the case that I can do the EE in any language, would it be advisable to do it in Gujarati? Although it's my mother tongue, and I can speak/understand it perfectly, and can write/type in it, since I mostly just speak it, it takes me a while to read it--which I feel would make it really annoying looking for information online and in books.

And finally, even though it only says a group 3/4 EE grants the bilingual diploma, I could have sworn reading in the EE guide we had to read in school that a group 2 language also qualifies a candidate for the bilingual diploma. I mean, I don't mind doing a group 3/4 EE in a foreign language, but I just want to make sure whether I can do a group 2 EE for the bilingual diploma or not before completely striking the idea out. Anyone know about that? :)

And finding an advisor/help wouldn't be a problem for any of the languages, as I have teachers who are native-speakers for each of those languages (except Italian--but I have multiple teachers fluent in it; one of whom lived in Italy for a while).

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