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How do you attach an appendix in the HI? I am thinking about adding a google image version of it as I can't really copy and paste the from the actual source. And how do I cite it? If I am using the Chicago style, would it be footnote then (appendix _ )?

Appendix always goes at the end, after section f (bibliography) 

By cite do you mean as the source or in your paper? As a source: the same as everything else in Chicago. Reference to them: I believe you are reference them with whatever you assign them with. 


I have linked to my teacher's IA explanation ppt. (The pages the reference how to do a appendix are: 6 and 20.) 

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Hello Everyone,

I take the IB HL History Course. As part of the course, we cover 6 wars, 3 authoritarian states, and Rwanda and Kosovo. But at HL we also do post-war Europe, the french revolution and interwar Europe. The 6 wars we have covered are in three categories of civil wars, guerilla wars and total wars. 

Civil wars - Spain and Paraguay

Guerilla wars - Algerian war of independence and the Irish war of independence

Total Wars - Iran Iraq and the Falklands 

We do Mussolini, Peron and some guy from Tanzania for authoritarian states. If anyone needs help please feel free to drop me a message


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