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Which social studies?

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Guest daniel6

Hello, I'm new to this place and well, my course selection sheet is gonna be handed out to us pretty soon.

I will definitly be taking biology, chemistry, english, math, French, and TOK. However, I cannot decide on whether to take history, or geography.

Here are some of my criteria (or plans or w/e)

I'm gonna be taking HL DEFINITLY.

I am looking for a interesting and EASY (emphasis on easy)

My gr 11 Geography teacher is very interesting and nice, and puts emphasis on the application of subjects (meaning not alot of tests but more projcets and in depth work). History, meh, I dont know my gr 11 teacher but in gr 12, my gr 9 teacher is the history teacher and she's really really good.

Can someone outline the course maybe and put the pros and cons? and then voice your own opinion, as I'm sure most of you are experienced IB ppl so basically im taking a vote on whether to take Geography HL or History HL.

Thanks :D

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Like stylus said, History isn't necessarily more difficult, but it will be more time consuming. The average marks for Geography are generally higher as well, but it depends on what interests you. I love both, but I'm a lot more interested in History, so I'd take it for that reason alone. That's all dependent on the person who's choosing the class though! It sounds like you get along great with your geo. teacher right now though and teacher/student relationships are important when it comes to how much you take out of the class, so that's also something to look at.

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