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Changes to the SL test

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On paper 1 - you will not be allowed to use a calculator.

On paper 2 - you will be allowed to use a calculator.

Basically, paper 1 questions will require a more analytical approach since you shouldn't need to use the GDC while in paper 2, you will need the calculator (but not for all!)

Also, Paper 1 have section A of short-response questions and section B with extended-response question. All questions are required to be answered. The same thing goes with Paper 2. Before Paper 1 used to have only short-answer questions while Paper 2 was extened-response questions.

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Guest lina

exactly what afterglow said, and since they take udner consdieration that we won't have calculators for p1 exam expect nice-looking answers :P - if your answer is gettign too ugly, go abck and check! - i'm sure your teacher will give you a mock soon, that was helpful to me..

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