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I hav 2 questions i have to answer and give real life examples, but I dont understand what they are asking me. I am new at tok, and am hoping someone can explain the questions to me? :)

how does emotion hinder our acquisitions of knowledge?

how does emotion help us access knowledge?

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It might help you get started to understand the aim of TOK a little more clearly first. Basically the whole point of TOK is to analyse the way in which we acquire knowledge and then look at the implications of this acquisition - largely in terms of how the way we've acquired it impacts on the knowledge we've obtained (specifically any limitations, biases etc. we may have also acquired). Also how different areas of human knowledge can be distinguished by the manner of knowledge acquisition.

You have to do this within the limits of the TOK "Ways of Knowing" and "Areas of Knowledge". Rule no. 1 of doing well in TOK is to keep using their key words for everything ;)

So, bearing in mind that you're looking at how we acquire knowledge and the impacts of that acquisition, it's a bit easier to interpret the questions you've been given. Can you think of any times when emotion has helped you gain extra knowledge, or alternatively prevented you gaining knowledge? For instance, emotion might help you realise that your mum loves you (helped you gain knowledge) or alternatively it might mean that you were so angry with someone that you didn't get to hear their point of view (prevented you).

Moving away from personal examples, think of emotions like pride: to what extent has pride hindered scientific advancement, for instance?

Hope that helps a little.

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