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IB MYP Student Deciding Between Economics/Psychology/ITGS SL

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Hey. So I'm in the final year of my middle years program and we're deciding on the courses for next year as of right now. Recently we just had an overview of all the courses and economics really stood out to me and was quite interesting. Although our school took out SL economics and we only have HL as of right now. I'm assuming we can somehow get it back if we talk with the coordinators. The psychology overview was quite interesting as well, me being a biology-oriented student. In the midst of this ITGS seemed very very easy compared to the other courses and quite cool.

SO, I ask you IB Survival members, as a science oriented student, mainly biochem, for a higher grade and for an enjoying course what would you folks recommend me taking? Please post the difficulty of each of the courses and additional comments. Thanks

IB1 2008 Fall

HL English A1

SL French B

SL Math

HL Biology

HL Chemistry

SL Pyschology/Economics/ITGS

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Hi, seems like no-one has replied to this thread, personally I hadn't noticed it.

Choosing the social science you take can seem difficult - usually this is the area where people don't know what to pick since there are so many good choices.

However, I recommend that out of these you choose Economics. My opinion is of course biased as I chose econ HL as my social science, but, in my opinion it is the best out of these three. The first argument I have is that you should rule out ITGS completely. Even though the course seems/is really easy, in the final exams it is hard to get a good grade in. I believe only 2-3% of students in ITGS SL get a 7 yearly, compared to Econ with ~15%.

The choice between Psychology and Economics is more difficult as both are interesting subjects. At this level it really is about whether you are more interested in psych or econ. As a bonus for econ, however, I can say that especially the SL course has only a very small workload and I personally think the material is quite easy.

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Hey, I'm taking HL Economics at the moment, and I find it kind of boring and pointless, although i've only done microeconomics and haven't started the rest yet.

There are many concepts and graphs to remember and I don't think it is quite interesting, because it is so theoretical, it seems like it has no significance. Also you have to write FOUR commentaries. Although they are realtively easy to write rather than your average essay.

I would have taken Phsyhology, but it is not offered in my school.

The subject does interest me though, the human mind is simply fasinating.

If you're more of a science person go for phsychology. Although Economics is very factual, which is to the likes of us science people, it's irrevelent to us, which completely defeats the purpose of learning it.

It can be interesting at times though, I guess.

Oh wow, your post was written 2 years ago, what did u choose lol?

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