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grade boundaries question

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just looking at a few grade boundaries and it says things like

for a grade 7

paper 1: minimum 27/30

paper 2: minimum 50/60

and both papers might count for 50% of your overall grade

would you still get a seven if you got something like 26/30 and 59/60 ?? or do you need atleast 27/30 on paper 1?


btw this is what im looking at if anyone can help understanding it :)

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Well, we can take Language B as an example here:

Orals are worth 30% your mark, Paper 1 worth 40% and Paper 2 worth 30%

Orals are graded out of 30 points,

Paper 1 is graded out of 40 points

Paper 2 is graded out of 30 points

Altogether 100 points

Say you get 27 points in your orals, 35 in P1 and 28 in P2

27+35+28 = 90/100 points - 7

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Thanks for the reply!

what I meant in my first post was what if you do horribly in one exam - can you make up for it in another?

Like in your example what if I got 23/30 in my oral but 30/30 and 40/40 on the other 2 so the total is 92%? 23/30 is below 27/30 which the file says is the 'minimum'... shouldn't it only be the overall percentage that matters?

sorry I'm probably being really dense here but I'm still a bit unclear :)

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It's the overall score that matters:

Oral 20/30

P1 40/40

P2 30/30



So you could basically get a 15/30 on your oral and still get a 7 (assuming you get full points in everything else and the boundary for 7 is 85)

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