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Notes for History HL

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im studying:

World War 1

World War 2

Russian Civil War


Russian Revolutions

(i could also study the Cold War, but i dont have time)

Does anyone have good notes for any one of these topics? How are u guys studying for them?

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Any notes are in the Files section.

Study like you normally do, but make sure you are looking for arguments, making connections, not just learning stuff as a narrative. When you are studying, thing of essay questions you could form out of the material. For wars, there are always questions on either: causes, practices or effects. Now think of questions related to those three that could possible appear. For instance, strengths and weaknesses of the effects of some war (that was a really badly formed example, but yeah, you get it right?).

Usually I go through my texts, make notes and go back through my notes and make arguments for things, and I highlight them so when I'm studying I immediately know it's an argument I should keep in mind. Another major thing to do: find old exams. Practice those questions, because the questions are generally very similar, but don't count on them being TOO similar or the same.

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