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New at IB

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My school has just been aproved with IB

therefore my grade will be the 1st to have the IB

Dipoma programe...Im really nevous but at the

same time really exited!

Everyone keeps telling me that IB is extremely hard and

that my social life will be non-existant during it.How true is that

any tips on the ib programe? :P

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Don't procrastinate..get started on assignments that are due a month later because the assignments just keep piling up and you'll end up pulling all nighters and regretting it hugely (I'm very guilty of this XD).

Umm, basically that's about it..if you work hard, do your homework and pay attention in class then it shouldn't be that hard. Stay on top of homework and ask for help when you need it. Don't be discouraged when you see lower marks than you're used to because in the end, the only thing that matters are your exams.

That being said, I still have a social life, there are even a couple of IB couples at my school haha, so we do have time to party and have fun outside of school :P (mostly during our school breaks lol).

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