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Is your post not showing up after you've posted it?

In order to help control the 24 hour limit imposed on exams, topics must be approved before they are posted. They won't be approved for public view until the 24 hour wait is up, and they must then be approved manually by a moderator - this may or may not be exactly on the dot of the 24 hour limit, but hopefully as close as possible. We know how much you all want to discuss the exams with each other!

Please don't post things over and over again because they haven't shown up, because actually they will show up eventually - you just have to be patient I'm afraid! smile.gif

I would also like to remind people not to share information about/discuss the content of their exams via PMs etc. You are also then implicated in exam cheating (and these matters can be reported to and investigated by the IBO). We can and will check user PMs if we have any reason to believe it is necessary to do so. Any attempts to cheat will be taken very seriously, and if you should receive such a PM please report it to the Moderating staff. Do not respond or share any details regarding the examination topics or questions. It IS possible to accidentally share information with somebody who's not yet sat exactly the same paper thanks to the phenomenon of timezones - you may have finished, but they've not yet started! Such users (unless they're a bit dim) are unlikely to tell you they've not yet sat the exam, so to be 100% safe and keep the exams fair for everyone, please follow IBS's rules about when discussion is allowed.

The instigator will be suspended from IBS at minimum for the duration of the examinations as will anybody who shares information with that individual, so yeah, don't do it guys. Cheating is not cool!

Allowed discussion times will be posted in a schedule at the top of the Examination Discussions forum around the time of exams. Note that all times given are GMT and may or may not be the same as forum time, due to the shift to daylight saving in the summer.


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