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French SL: The different genres of language.

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Hi :)

Our french class hasn't been solely for IB students. As we were severely under-representated, our curriculum hasn't been followed at all. I didn't even know about the importance of being familiar with different genres for paper 2. Does anyone have any key points to offer? As far as I've come to understand, the genres (or different types of texts, rather) are; factual description, factual narration, imaginative narration, informal written interaction, formal written interaction, factual explanation, controversial argument and subjective analysis and critique.

Can anyone help me? Greatly appreciated :)

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For paper 2, you get marked out of ten for language, message and cultural interaction. Language is your technical/grammatical ability (USE THE SUBJUNCTIVE), message is your ideas (TALK ABOUT OTHER CULTURES !!) and cultural interaction is kind of like how well your style of writing fits the tasks. So, if its a journal entry, it has a date and "cher journal", use slang and informal register and sign off. There's more information about this in the sticky:

If I were you, I wouldn't think about the 'genres' but more like the type of writing...like speech, article, letter.

Hope this helps !

ps, dont worry about vocab, the IB doesn't specify anything for it really ! So you probably do quite well to follow the A level stuff (or the equivilant) :)

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The genres or whatever you have in your list has no applicability in Language B as far as I know. Take a look at the link posted by the poster above to see the 'types/formats' of writing you may need to do in the paper 2 (letter, journal, etc). Although, I don't think message or cultural interaction has anything to do with talking about 'other' cultures.

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Although, I don't think message or cultural interaction has anything to do with talking about 'other' cultures.

Often, in the markscheme under the message criterion there will be some reference to other cultures. If you have to write a discours on the pros and cons of marriage, for example, you'd be expected to consider polygyny and how marriage differs in other cultures for higher marks, honestly.

May 2010 Paper 2, Question 3:

"À l’occasion de la célébration de la « Journée Internationale de la Femme », votre école organise un débat sur le thème « Aujourd’hui, l’égalité entre hommes et femmes est établie ». Choisissez le point de vue pour ou contre et rédigez le texte du discours que vous prononcerez dans le cadre de ce débat."


Critère C (Message) :

Le candidat sera libre de choisir le point de vue pour ou contre.

Pour atteindre les descripteurs supérieurs [5–10 points] le candidat :

 adoptera un point de vue

 donnera des exemples précis permettant d’illustrer que l’égalité entre homme et femme est établie ou non (vie professionnelle, vie de famille, politique…)

 fera référence à la situation actuelle ; toutefois, des rappels historiques seront acceptés.

Le meilleur candidat [9–10 points], en plus des éléments précédents :

 ne se limitera pas à un pays particulier.

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I think it depends on the specific question whether it is necessary or not, and still the markscheme states not to limit yourself to a particular country, not culture. As far as I know from when I did my exam the purpose was to reflect the french culture (for French B) when possible/necessary.

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Oh and don't forget, an error free paper with very basic grammar will probably score higher than a paper where you use fancy grammar flawlessly but mess up on the basics (like conjugating your regular indicatif/subjonctif verbs, remembering to make agreements).

Cultural interaction includes how well you followed the genre. If they ask for a letter, don't write an article, for example. Message is how well you presented your ideas/ arguments... You don't need to talk about other cultures necessarily, depends on the topic

I know in the other thread formats are discussed, but I'm going to post the actual templates of the formats here. (: These were notes for myself...

My teacher told me that the genres are: newspaper article, narrative, report, diary entry, letter (formal, informal, semi-formal), speech, interview/dialogue, guide/brochure, and the critique.

PS: everything needs a title at the beginning.

L'article du journal

La Manchette

Le nom du journal

le nom du journaliste

- Qui, quoi, où, quand, qu'est ce qui se passe? Pourquoi?

- les citations

-une photographie, peut-etre

Le Journal intime

le date

Cher journal,

- beaucoup de sentiment

- subjective

- informelle

- addresse le journal

- les illustrations

Signez avec votre nom ou un sentiment.

Le rapport

- une explication factuel, objective

- une analyse des informations

- utilisez les paragraphes


- une description/ introduction pour decrire la situation

Nom de personne qui parle :

Nom de personne qui parle :


pour decrire les actions, utilisez le participe present



- un titre

- imaginative

- introduction, developpement, conclusion

- originale

- le discours direct et indirect

- l'inversion << _____________ >> a-t-il dit.

La lettre personnelle

l'endroit ou vous ecrivez la lattre, la date

Cher(e) _________,

- le tutoiement

- addressez le lecteur, soyez personnelle (Ca va?... Je pense que tu les aimeras!)




Votre nom

La lettre formelle

Votre nom

Votre addresse

Nom de lecteur

Addresse de lecteur

la ville ou vous ecrivez la lettre, la date



J'ai l'honneur de vous ecrire au sujet de...

(body of letter)

Veuillez agreer, Monsieur (ou Madame...) l'expression de mes salutations sinceres.

Vos Prenom et Nom

La lettre au journal

l'endroit et la date

Monsieur le Redacteur,

Madame la Redactrice,

Je vous ecris pour repondre a,

Je me refere a l'article sur ___________________ qui a paru hier dans votre journal...

- subjective

- formelle

Nom et Prenom

Le discours

Cher(e)s _____________________,

Bonjour! Je m'appelle _________ et je suis ici pour vous parler de ___________________



- addressez l'audience


Merci de votre attention!

Le guide/ brochure

Un titre

un slogan

- introduction

- des points numerotes

- des illustrations

- les sous-points pour chaque point pour l'expliquer

- une conclusion

L critique

- introduction

- une sommaire du film, du roman, du concert, etc

- au moins 3 points

- des recommandations

- les aspects positifs et negatifs (meme s'il faut ecrire une critique positive OU negative... pour le contraste)

- une conclusion

I think that's it

Hope that made sense.

:) By typing that up, I just managed to review the genres haha.

And remember, sometimes IB will combine these different genres. And don't forget that they appear on paper 1 too. So know them well :)

Edited by SmilingAtLife:)

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