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It actually came to an end.

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Guest prorathack

I still remember three years ago when our principle was already trying to convince us to do the IB program. We were to be the first in our school to do it, so we were guinea pigs. We were 31 in the IB class, half people by the second year left. Fast-forward three years and after all those sleepless countless nights of studying, doing essays, stressing, anti-socializing, IT CAME TO AN END

The subscription that I’ve paid for this website had paid itself and IMO + way more. Thanks for all the notes uploaded by everyone. You don’t know how important some were for me, especially chemistry, biology and math.

We had English A2 HL, Chemistry HL, and History HL. Math, biology and French A1 SL.

Here are some thoughts of mine about the exams :

French A1 SL: Finished that last year. Did so badly in the oral parts due to HORRIBLE luck and circumstances I finished with a 5 though: D

English A2 HL: My nightmare. Subject that made me go crazy sometimes. I’m not a linguist person so this was really tough for me especially seeing everyone getting 5-6 easy when I’m struggling for a 4.

Chemistry HL: P1 was okay compared to everyone complaining about it. P2 was seriously bad. I left a lot of question blank and I felt like we weren’t really prepared at all for it. People cried after the exam. P3 was easy for me because I picked Medicine & Drugs out of everyone. So glad of my choice.

History HL: second worst subject after English. Notes throughout the years were very poor and before P3 I almost gave up. P3 was HORRIBLE. P1 was easy. P2 wasn’t bad too.

Math SL: This is supposed to be my subject. I wasn’t really happy how each paper had this hard ass unseen questions. I’m sure it was doable but it just didn’t click for me ☹ a lot of people did badly too from what I heard.

Biology: can’t talk about that yet ;)

After all this hard word, I would like to thank again everyone who uploaded his or her notes to the Files section, which saved my life sometimes. I wish I knew about this website earlier so I could of prepared better for the exams. Alas, I’M JUST SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY THAT I’M DONE and I’m sure I’ve learnt a lot from such stressful and hard experience. It’s time to get back on my long forgotten social life, which I dearly miss :(

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I likewise feel strange now that it has ended. Yesterday, after my last exam, felt more monumental than my graduation ceremony a week before! We've invested so much of ourselves into IB and now it's done. The next stage of our lives is about to begin. By God's grace, I'm ready to start my new adventure!

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