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Extended Essay on the Romanov Dynasty

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Its been months now since the EE was assigned and I've yet to decide on a question. Living in Russia i want to do something structured around the Romanovs, however coming up with a new take on the subject is proving difficult. I had tried to do an essay along the lines of: "To what extent was Rasputin a major contributing factor to the collapse of the Romanov Dynasty" however having talked with my advisor we concluded that it was "fluffy" history and not worth discussion. I then moved on to Stolypin and his policies, asking: "How detrimental was the death of Stolypin on the well-being of Romanov rule" but i just can't seem to find the motivation to get into the question...

I would love some input I'm having a hard time choosing an interesting question, and i get the feeling my advisor is losing hope in me :(

Thank you

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