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TOK presentation topic choices

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I am debating between a few questions for my TOK presentation. Please let me know which one you think is best, as well as any advice you have about how TOK concepts can be related to them and any ideas in general would be appreciated!

1) Does facebook limit or expand our communication?

2) What determines how we perceive human beauty?

3) How does reality TV change our perception of reality?

Thanks so much!

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Out of date...

1)If you stick with this one then you should probably change the wording.

It has to be linked to the ways of knowing and then to the areas of knowledge. I also think that it is a challenging topic so you have to prepare it well and work it from different perspectives. This would help you especially if you have any debaters in your TOK class. :P

2)Again the wording is not very accurate for a TOK presentation. It is too vague. If you work on it well enough and engage creative and critical thinking then it would be a nice presentation.

3)I think it is the most powerful topic out of three but it has to be extensively linked to the ways of knowing. Once more the phasing is not so clear.

It would be more helpful and effective if you say for example: "To what extend does TV affect our perception of the real world". And then you make it more specific by the next slide or ever from the title (masculine gender, feminine beauty, commercials or whatever you find interesting).

Discuss the title of the presentation with your teacher before finalizing it (If you are an IB2 student and it is your final presentation then it is mandatory).

I hope you find it helpful. Good luck in advance and study well your topic and your notes! It will help you to limit your stress during the presentation!

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