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English B EE topic help: brit-rock and english national identity

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Yes, congrats for all whos' May mock examinations are over. Unfortunately some poor souls still have to work on our EE topics with 2 weeks from summer break.

Im working on B English EE, and I can't seem to figure out a good topic. Teacher suggested something that is covered by the book "Watching the English" by Katie Fox, which is an anthropoligal study of somesorts on english behaviour, but seems rather dull. For those who have had previous success on B language EE, do you think doing something on brit-rock/pop (The Beatles, Oasis, Radiohead, even Muse?) and its significance in the english national identity has any potential EE material? As far as research is concerned, I was thinking of asking all my English acquintances their take on the issue, and perhaps conducting an internet survey of somesorts.

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