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Which subjects should I take ?

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Hi everyone ! :)

Next year (normally) I'll join you in the IB ! :D

The problem is that I don't already know what to do after... Is it a real problem or should I really know now ?

In fact, I'm interested in some jobs like Veterinarian, Psychiatrist, Nutritionist... which are jobs rather related to medicine studies.

So I was thinking of taking:

French, English, Psychology, Biology, Maths, and Chemistry instead of Art.

(Is it ok for the jobs I quoted ? (And for possibly others ?))

But I have some questions:

First, what's the difference between Mathematics and Mathematical studies ?

Secondly, should I take Maths HL for the kind of studies I want to do after ? (same question for Biology and Chemistry)

Finally, can I do this studies without taking Physics ?

Thanks ahead ! :D

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Guest Soiboist

No, it is not a problem as long as the school gets to know what you want to study in time. However it doesn't hurt to be thinking about it already.

As for medicine and the professions you mention, Chemistry and Biology at HL is the obvious choice. Chemistry is a requirement for any degree in that field, and Biology is usually desired. If you like these two subjects and you want to study medicine or similar, it is an easy choice. Again you should only choose subjects that you like, and that goes for your third HL as well. You said psychiatrist so Psychology would definitely be related, but I would only advise you to choose it if you're really interested in it. As you already have two HLs that are tailored towards university courses, the third HL could be anything really. Few universities would pay much attention to whether you chose Maths HL, English HL, French HL or Psychology HL if you already have Chemistry and Biology and is going for the health science field.

As for Mathematics, taking Maths at HL is not a requirement by any university for health science. Maths HL is perhaps the most demanding course there is to take in IB, and it is only recommended for people that possess a great interest in Maths along with a good background. You should definitely pick Maths SL though, which is the course taken by students that will use Maths in their future, but not to the same extent as HL students will. Studies is mostly taken by people that will not require the use of Maths in their future, and is not recommended for people that will study science. Medicine with Maths Studies does not make the admission process easier for instance, and any university want to see their science students being able to think logically. If you really love Maths you could go with HL, but I would say it is only if you really love it.

Yes, you can go into this field without Physics. However you would surely be considered if you took Physics HL instead of Biology HL, but Biology is still more related to this type of science.

Keep in mind that whenever I mention a university I am taking about the British ones, in fact they are not the same all over world. If you want more specified answers considering universities you will have to write where you peut-être will study.

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Oh Thank you very much for this complete answer ! It's very helpful ! :D

The problem is that Chemistry HL scares me a bit, I heard that it was really hard ! But apparently I'll need it, so... I'll do with it ! :sweat:

Concerning universities, I'm thinking of going to England but I'm not sure yet, so I'm asking if the subjects I'll chose go well to have most of chances to go wherever I want.

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