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What are Shakespeare plays tudied in IB

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Go ask your english teacher lazy. :'D


Merchant of Venice






Midsummer Night's Dream

King Lear

Romeo and Juliet

Those are the ones that have been alternately studied at my school.

My class has studied Merchant, Macbeth and Hamlet. And reading othello next year.

Have fun. Lol.

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Basically 75% of the English classrooms in my province will teach Merchant of Venice in Grade 10, Macbeth in Grade 11, and Hamlet in Grade 12.

I did Merchant, Taming of the Shrew, and Othello respectively.

I've known classes who have done Twelfth Night and Midsummer sometime as well, but that's much rarer. I've never heard of anyone doing Taming of the Shrew other than our class either (and after studying it, I can see why.)

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My entire school is IB, and for me (keeping in mind that for some reason, we've only done tragedies and histories), it's been...

Grade 8: Macbeth

Grade 9: Julius Caesar

Grad 10: Othello

Grade 11: Henry V

Grade 12: The Tempest

I hope this helps :)

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