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Extended Essay B Language

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I'm doing my extended essay in my B language, which is finnish. I want to somehow do something about JAPAN / JAPANESE PEOPLE while still remaining focused on FINLAND... Reason is because I plan to study in Japan abroad, and B language was the only group I could ''freely'' do what I want

Ive had some ideas like, why do japanese exchange students choose to come to helsinki?

but i dont know...

I need some help with a more challenging, focused question!

thank you!

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Valitettavasti sinun EE:si pitää liittyä Suomen kulttuuriin, jos aiot kirjoittaa EE:si Suomi B:stä.

In English: your EE must be focused on Finnish culture if you plan to do your essay in Finnish B. You really don't want to risk the examiners (there are two) being confused about your focus culture, as that pretty much rules out everything above a C from your EE. One thing you could possibly do is write about how someone foreign experiences some part of Finnish culture (like the sauna?), but your rationale for choosing to research the topic from such an angle really needs to be well thought out. And you really must focus on Finnish culture, not, for example, compare it to Japanese culture.

Have you had a look at the EE guide, particularly pages 41 and 42?

Remember, too, that the EE is a research essay. A question like "why do exchange students from X come to Finland" is not worthy of investigation, since it is very trivial and very general insofar as it refers to Finnish culture.

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