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I know I am going to sound a bit chaotic when I say this but people take the summer before IB too lazily, myself included. If I had known, I would have prepared more for my classes so that I would have had less stress during the year.

I would suggest:

- Learn some idiomatic expressions for your foreign language class

- Read all the books subscribed for your literature class now and annotate them.

Besides that, though, I can not prescribe much about your first year. I don't know what subjects you are going to take, but for the most part, those above are just some really easy ways to make your first year of IB a bit more smooth.

Also, try to work on CAS while you can, and by that, I mean volunteer a lot over the summer so you can get the annoying Service hours. If you can, try to work in some Action because, for me and a majority of my school, it is the hardest to get hours for.

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