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English A1 EE Topic Comments?

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Hi guys.

My extended essay topic is "How does the author Jodi Picoult justify the act of murder in her novels?"

I am a big fan of her work and the six books that I've picked out to relate back to this topic are; The Pact, Perfect Match, Nineteen Minutes, Plain Truth, The Tenth Circle and Change of Hearts. I have yet to read Change of Hearts but since it talks of murder, I am planning to read in the next month or so. All of these books mentioned above relate back to the topic in the sense that murder is involved but the author has written them in a way that that makes the readers side with the protagonist characters. I am planning to focus on the different emotions involved in these books, eg. In Nineteen Minutes, murder was involved because of depression, while in The Pact, it was because of love.

I am planning to officially start my extended essay as soon as the summer vacation starts which is around July. I am going to the Oxford Summer Course for two weeks starting July 3rd and I am pretty sure I am able to use the resources available there.

What I was hoping you guys could help me with was suggestions or recommendations of research that would be helpful for my extended essay. I know there are many contemporary literary magazines out there but I have yet to find one that talks about anything close to the topic that I am proposing. Or maybe I have just been looking at the wrong place because so far, I have only done a few research online (which have turned out to be very unsuccessful) and also my school library.

If you guys could give me suggestions as to where I could start my research, that would be great!

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