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the point with matrices ?

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i don't getthe point about matrices..

anyway how should this be solved to form a matrix:

554.8 =(a)(1950^3)+(b)(1955^2)+©1950+(d)




how to solve for a,b,c,d

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well for example you have this system of equations:




to get the values of x1, x2 and x3 you can solve it by substitution or elimination, but you know it's going to take a lot of effort so matrices exist to solve your problem.

how? by expressing it into a matrix form as follows:


what do you do then? well there are 2 methods: using inverse and rref. both can be done with the help of technology (and only with the help of technology in your level) (rref is taught in Math HL and inverse of 3x3 is taught in university level)

do you roughly know what to do now?

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As dessskris said, it takes less effort solving equations by using matrices. The more unknown variables you have, the better it is to solve for them using matrices. However, in the beginning it is easy to make silly mistakes, from my own personal experiences.

Lev med det, IB är jobbigt :)

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