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Physics EE - Audio

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My physics teacher not being able to give me any advice brought me here.

I need help developing an EE topic.. I immediately looked for something I was capable of doing and something I am going to be working on over summer for personal development to use for my physics EE.

What I have planned:

Working with audio, I can build a circuit that mixes two channels, one to take music from a laptop/ipod or whatever source, and mixing it with a do re mi 7-key orgue or any other source to be played over the music. Now this is quite simplistic, so to spice it up I’ll actually go ahead and build a DJ set from scratch. The Low, Mid and High, are just electric frequencies, analog frequencies that can be eliminated by a pass filter, just like you eliminate the voice from a music track thus creating a karaoke music track (not all that accurate though). And the flanger effect is an eletrric application to the sound. The tempo though is different.

Sooo... Audio mixing and live editing tool.

That's what I can do, but we haven't taken any relative chapters yet (apart from electricity, which I am not sure how the investigation would be relative in the EE) so I am not completely sure how to put it. I've heard there's things like Digital Technology/Communications which we haven't covered but I can handle on my own if I know where to go of course..

Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced..

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Well, just building the device and describing it... I'm not sure if this will make a proper physics EE.

This should be something like a lab report... but much broader. You can conduct an experiment (the best on how X depends on Y), or you can base on theory, but your idea is too technical.

This document will show you the exact guidance for physics EE (from page 140 there's the physics part).

I'm not sure what else to advise you. Just think how you could convert your idea to the general format presented in that PDF.

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