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Tips for narrowing down the research question?

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For my extended essay I have chosen to write in Norwegian A1 HL and focus on the feminist writing's development in the Norwegian literature. I will compare these books

  • The very first novel, Amtmandens Døttre by Camilla Collett (I apologize that I don't have an English translation for the title)
  • A more modern book, As True As I Am Real by Hanne Ørstavik
I chose both writers to be living and writing in Norway because I can now use society and history as a factor which changed the style of writing. I have realized that I can't focus too much on the history due to the essay would no longer be in the literature category. I've been advised to focus on the literary features, so that is now my issue.
I have been thinking about concentrating on these areas:
  • How the tone is different
  • How the purpose of the work seems to be changed
  • Use of themes to present the message

Other then that I haven't really thought about. I know I will focus on either one of them, so if you could come with some help to narrow them down to create a research question I would be delighted! Even small tips would mean a lot.

Thank you!

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You could talk about how the influences of society have changed the purposes for the creation of the books, or juxtapose the books and point out different elements in the writing that were cause of societal issues and how the change in time changed the views of feminism...?

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