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Visual Arts EE HELP!

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Hey guys!

So I am writing my Extended Essay in Visual Arts. I've had some trouble with my research question, which was originally something like this: "How did Dorothea Lange promote social change through her art work during the Great Depression in the United States?"

My supervisor told me that the question is too broad, but told me that it would be narrowed down during the process. On Friday I have to hand in my outline and I haven't done anything whatsoever. (Bad idea I know)

Yesterday I talked to my supervisor; I had done SOME research and started thinking about how Dorothea Lange managed to have such a successful career even though she was a woman. My supervisor told me that I could compare a specific gender theory to how Lange managed to "develop" as a photographer and get so successful. I tried to make sense of it, but I am fearing that it will become more of a psychology essay than an arts essay? I also thought that I could write about how she promoted gender equality through her work, but found that somebody had already written a book or something about it. Can I write about something that somebody else has already written about? I don't want to risk being accused of plagiarism.

Another idea I had was something like her vision about herself as an artist, and how she did not consider herself an artist (she questioned photography as a genre of art), but still many people today see her as one of the greatest female artists in history. If I decide to write about this, is it okay to hand in an outline in which the research question has not yet been approved by my supervisor?

What should I do!?!

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